project CCTV


監視為一種具特定目的性的凝視。 當閉路監視系統完整架設於空間之後,該空間會被一種特定的視角所凝視。 凝視背後的動機通常來自於掌控、控制、管理。空間與空間內部之物件被預設為凝視的對象。透過閉路監視系統,當監視者觀看監視系統的畫面時, 監視者能夠感到自己可以掌控空間與內部物件,便是一個有效的監視狀態。

Project "CCTV" is a series of works that I started to build from 2021.

Surveillance is a kind of purposeful gaze. After the system completely erected in the space, the space will be gazed by a specific perspective. The motivation behind the gaze usually comes from mastering, controlling, managing. Spaces and objects within spaces are preset as objects of gaze. When the monitor watches the screen of the monitoring system, the monitor may feel that he can control the space and internal objects, and this is a state called effective monitoring .